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You don't need to be committed to female superiority, or interested in social change, to practice and enjoy female led relationships and female domination. Women who still believe in 'gender equality' are just as capable of ruling their relationships. You may not share all of the goals or motives of female supremacy, but the means are exactly the same. Explore what possibilities might be right for you! Visit our mother website, FLR Joy, an informative and entertaining guide to the practices of female dominated relationships.

If you are interested in the ideas of female superiority, and it's potential for social progress, visit our mother website, FLR Joy, and learn how to integrate female domination into your life in a way that works for you. Real and lasting progress towards a female led society can only be achieved one man at a time. If you want to start enjoying the many personal benefits that male submission to female authority can bring, you will need to be patient and realistic. Even a willing man isn't going to change overnight, and if you want to be successful, you need to take him one step at a time. Our helpful guides should give you the tools and the know how to make it work for you. Your way.
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