Female Superiority For Men

Progress Is Inevitable

Accepting Reality
Learning His Place

Accepting Reality

Men who recognize the superiority of women should know that first and foremost, a man must treat all women with respect, show deference to the opinions and desires of women, and of course, treat the women in their lives as their superiors. When a dominant woman tells them to submit, they will submit. Appealing to men directly or rationally about the subject does convince some to embrace female supremacy on their own, but the great majority of men will not imagine the idea of it to be fulfilling. Remember always that patriarchal society has planted seeds of selfishness, rebelliousness, and self-importance in even the best of men. The total over-concentration of exaggerated, negative masculine traits in men is hopelessly unfulfilling to them, and is the cause of a great many of the world's problems, from interpersonal to global. The social and individual solution is the same: undo the harmful ideas a man was exposed to and retrain him using the sciences of female domination. To overcome their fear of losing social or individual power, men must be enticed by the possibility of the fulfillment of desires. There is no deeper and pervasive desire in heterosexual men than the desire to be connected to a woman, to please her, and find favor from her. This is why only dominant women are capable of getting men the help they need, and even when they don't yet realize that they want it. Men devoted to female supremacy, in the hands of a dominant woman, find the kind of meaningful fulfillment of their subconscious rational, emotional, sexual, and spiritual needs that is unequalled.

Men's Role & Purpose
Biologically, ethically, genetically, and socially speaking, the purpose of men is to provide for, serve, and protect women, to attempt to gain approval, companionship, and favor from women, and to be used by women for sexual or reproductive purposes. Female supremacy embraces the fundamental nature of women and men, but rejects any need for women to placate men, and stroke their egos, by pretending not to be in charge. Thus, a man's role is to fulfill his natural purpose by submitting himself to female authority, guidance, and domination. A man's role to show appropriate respect to all women, and obedience to the women in his life, appropriate to their place in his life. A man's purpose is to serve women, perform tasks for them, be useful, provide for them by getting things done. A man's purpose is to enhance the lives of women, to support them, and to prioritize women to any reasonable degree. A man's purpose is to submit to and endure whatever humiliation, discipline, training, physical use, restraint, and conditioning a woman in appropriate authority over him decides is useful, necessary, enjoyable, desireable, or practical.

Accept, Embrace, & Enjoy
The first thing men must recognize is that since women are superior, men are collectively inferior. Recognizing where they belong leads many men to female domination and female led relationships. Men who are being taught about female supremacy by means of female domination, will come to terms with the superiority of women over time, some much quicker than others. Learning to accept female control is the first step. Getting comfortable and accustomed to it takes a bit of adjustment, but once any man stops resisting it, he will embrace it. This is when enjoyment of female supremacy can really begin for men. Men benefit at every stage, in the form of self-improvement, humility, endurance, patience, and life skills, but it's not until the enjoyment stage that men really begin to appreciate what female domination has to offer. No matter if a woman's personality is strict or relaxed, what her interests, style, or way of life is, being under her full control brings a man a closeness and fulfillment unlike any other.

Teaching, Training, & Controlling
Men need to be taught, trained, and controlled by women for the good of individual women and men, relationships, families, communities, and societies. Heterosexual men, on a fundamental level have a pre-sexual and post-sexual desire for female dominance. Women around the world and across the centuries have used this, in part, or in force, to dominate, control, and manipulate men. Some men respond to this without any sexual component, but the greater part of men respond negatively whenever they become aware that this is happening. For most of these men, what is lacking is an equal measure of female dominance of their sexual world. Men have two great unfulfilled chasms within that can only be filled with the feminine. Not to give the same amount of energy and female attention to one or the other will not bring that craved fulfillment. Even those men that respond positively to female bossiness will be that much more fulfilled by dominance that stimulates their man drives as well as their boy drives. They will also be that much more easily dominated this way. The most successful and practiced approaches to female domination combine elements that target both aspects of male desire - the desire for physical control and approval from women, and the desire for sexual control and arousal from women. That is why male chastity cages are a center focus of female dominance in a personal relationships, and of female supremacy in society. There is no single, better way to integrate non-sexual and sexual control, and it's constant presence allows a woman to stimulate both of a man's drives at all times. Using this and other means of training, the right combination of leadership and sexual power can overcome even the most stubborn male egos.

Cage Chastity
Female control over the male organ, and the male orgasm, makes the values and practical goals of female supremacy a reality. The benefits for the mentality and disposition of each man are great, yet the societal benefits are even more valuable. The behavior of men, as individuals, in groups, and as a collective, will be enhanced to an almost acceptable level by the mass embrace of male cage chastity. If all adult men wore chastity cages, and had keyholders, the positive effect on relationships, families, crime, politics, and society would be immense. The civilized world it can bring about can address nearly every human created problem in the barbaric patriarchy. The socially responsible thing for women to do is to insist on chastity control for every last man. Making a better man and a better world starts with one man, one woman, one chastity cage, and one key.

Chastity cages are the route to a better, stronger man, who is a better partner, and who lives the values of female superiority. They require men to better themselves despite their nature, to learn patience, endurance, and sacrifice, and how giving of themselves for the benefit of a woman benefits them. Chastity cages provide men with an erotic, exciting, and more fulfilling sexlife, and more importantly, make them better lovers, more capable to satisfy their female partners. The desire to earn release also makes men more an more eager to please, obey, and serve women, perhaps the most important aspect of female supremacy. Women use a man's sexual desires to control and influence him - nature's own design, enhanced to maximum efficiency thanks to modern technology.

Masturbation is a natural behavior that women can enjoy responsibly. Unfortunately, male mastubation leads to laziness, self-satisfaction, selfishness, and an undeserved sense of entitlement, making men less attentive partners, and phallocentric lovers. Fortunately, chastity cages allow women to help men with their problem, since men are incapable of helping themselves. Once locked, men can't masturbate on their own any more. Masturbation can now only occur with female permission and supervision, or better yet, not at all. Female control over masturbation and orgasms, is a vital extension of the principles of female supremacy, but it is the physical control over the penis that makes chastity cages so ideal. Men cannot get hard without female permission. Their 'manhood' is completely in female hands. Men are rendered impotent without the help of a woman, unable to achieve an erection, or use their supposed male prowess.

Chastity cages teach men that women come first, that male pleasure is inconsequential, and female pleasure is vital. They teach men they must be patient and endure, and must act polite, respectful, and grateful to women, no matter whether they are enjoying something or not. Over time, nearly all men will come to appreciate what chastity does for them, and for their partner. Once a man starts to look at things differently, he will come to perfer to be under female control. He will also be happy to be in chastity, for himself, or at least simply because his woman wants it. When a man learns to love orgasm control from a woman, he learns to love female supremacy.

Female supremacy means men give up for the sake of women. Orgasm control is more than just a chastity cage, it also includes men giving up the option to touch their penis. If a woman allows a man to be unlocked, he is still not permitted to touch himself in a sexual manner, especially to get himself off, without his keyholder's permission. This is another aspect of female control over the penis, essential for any woman training a man. Ideally, women should establish total female control over the penis. The psychological benefits for men, and benefits to women's authority, are seriously multiplied if men are never permitted to touch their uncaged penis. All the more so if men aren't able to touch even if they decided to. The most powerful, effective, and beneficial control over the penis is established by always restraining a man before and during any time he is allowed out of his chastity cage. Men helpless to touch their penis, which is under total female control, and totally at a woman's mercy, embodies the very essence of female supremacy principles.

A locked cock is under female control, and therefore so it the man it's attached to. When and how it gets out Unlocking is also under female control. It is absolutely essential that when and if a man is unlocked is entirely under a woman's control. Women can, and should, press their advantage in any and every way they can, to enhance female authority and male submission. Women can disallow men from begging to be let out, or asking when they will be unlocked. Women can allow men to beg, humble themselves, or offer things for the possibility of being unlocked. Women can use chastity to improve or modify behavior, maximize obedience and attentiveness, foster humility and respect, and to encourage men to submit to other effective means of training. Women can deny men orgasms, or time out of their chastity cages, to any extent they see fit. The longer men are locked, the greater the benefits for all, and the greater the goals and principles of female supremacy are advanced. Women can choose total orgasm denial, the ultimate expression of male sacrifice for the benefit of women.

Any way it's used, male cage chastity and orgasm control leads to a more fulfilling and progressive sexlife, that downplays the penis and focuses on female satisfaction. Extensive or total denial also makes it possible to enjoy a true female supremacy sexlife, where the penis has nothing to do with sex. Sensual pleasuring, oral sex, and modern sex toys and devices can provide a woman with a wide range of sexual enjoyment, with their men kept devoted, focused, and eager to please. Strict chastity control and orgasm denial is not only a route to a total female centered sexlife, it is also a route to many other aspects of female domination, and female supremacy lifestyles.

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