Female Superiority For Men

Progress Is Inevitable

Accepting Reality
Learning His Place

Learning His Place

No Say
Respecting the superiority of women requires men to accept that they have no say. This does not mean men don't get to choose anything, or have their own thoughts or ideas. This does mean that women's rightful authority must be respected. Men must generally follow the orders and directions of women. If a woman in direct authority over a man tells him to do something, his place is to obey. Men must keep their mouth shut when a woman is speaking, and actively yield space for women to speak. Men should not offer unsolicited opinions without first asking permission. If a woman wishes, a man should keep silent. Men must accept that women have full right to prevent male speech, by command, gag, or other method they choose.

Keeping His Place
It's essential that men show basic respect for women at all times, most especially toward a woman in authority over him. A man who knows his place must always show it. Men must request permission from women as they require, and must ask humbly, and with respect to women's right to make decisions. Men must keep their speech measured, and their voices down. Men must also show respect with their body language in the same way as their speech. They must always show respect, deference, and humility in their comportment. Men must literally keep their place to whatever extent a woman desires. Men should expect to show their obedience and respect by kneeling, bowing, assuming positions, and waiting, as their woman requires. Men should expect and accept discipline and restraint as a woman's right, and to perform acts of abject humility in salute to a woman's greatness. Women's authority can extend to any reasonable degree, such as permission to enter/leave her presence, and where and how men sleep, eat, and use their time in her presence. Limiting men in ways such as these is a bit more imposing, but not to a degree that goes beyond the kind of devotion a woman should be able to expect from a man. With the right training, even the most intransitive man can be taught how to keep his place.

Pleasing Women
Women shouldn't have to ask their man for oral pleasures. Any good man should be grateful for this happy privilege of female supremacy. Whenever a woman wants means as much, or as little, as pleases her, and only at her instruction. Like any sexual activity, men must never insist upon a woman. Men should recognize the importance of this role, and try to be better pleasers, by improving their technique, and satisfying women anywhere on their body that women wish. Learning to enjoy this is embracing female supremacy, but ultimately male enjoyment is inconsequential, as long as women are getting what they deserve.

Clothes Make The Man
Redressing the issue of the male ego can be taken quite literally. It's a very small thing to ask of men to dress a certain way for women when not in public. The benefits of dressing men are obvious, but the value goes beyond male humility and female empowerment. The whole idea of acceptable 'masculine' clothes, color, and styles are the very epitome of male privilege. Culture in the patriarchy allows women to wear 'men's' clothes, colors, and styles, and considers that empowering because women get to do what men do. On the other hand, for men to wear 'women's' colors, fabrics, and styles is considered demeaning, as if it is beneath the dignity of men. The best way to make important social progress for each man, and society as a whole, is for women to require men to wear them. If men find this humiliating, that is always a bonus. These men are in the greatest need of unlearning what the patriarchy has taught them. Furthering female supremacy values is also achieved by keeping men naked in the presence of women. Keeping men exposed and accessible is beneficial for humility and training, along with the power dynamic established by clothed women and nude men. Men kept naked, and obedient to women, are in their natural state, which is what female supremacy is all about.

Spanking & Discipline
Men must accept the right of women to discipline, most especially to spank. Discipline is for the good of men, as well as women, as it makes men stronger, more resilient, and more obedient. This is necessary and essential. Spanking men in the ass is always recommended, as it can safely endure lengthy and repeated impact, and is part of the male erogenous zone. Women requiring men to submit to, endure, and learn from spanking is essential to the future progress and development of men in relationships and society.

The patriarchy teaches men that their sexual prowess and worthiness as a man comes from their erect penis and it's ability to penetrate. Pegging men takes advantage of the power of this false idea by first using it to humble men, and then teaching them to reevaluate their notions of gender. Pegging is therefore essential to establishing gender equality, and just as useful in advancing female supremacy.

Teaching men to sucking girl cock is not only a great way to start, it's a perfect reversal and harnessing of patriarchal status notions, male privilege, and male ego priorities.

Most heterosexual men, at least at first, probably find the idea of pegging emasculating, in keeping with outdated social conventions about 'manliness'. This is because of social roles more than the act itself. One of the many benefits of pegging is that long after men have learned to accept and even enjoy it, pegging really is emasculating. Penetrating with a penis is by definition the masculine aspect of biology. When women take this last and most basic male power, use it on men, and can do it bigger, better, and with more advanced units, the result always effects the male psyche on deep level.

Pegging is of course beneficial for women in relationships training their man, but it also teaches female supremacy values. It teaches men about putting women first, and their own discomfort second. It teaches men about taking what women give them, and enduring for the benefit of women. It teaches men that women can do anything men can do, and usually do it better. It teaches men that women are in full control of every aspect of sexuality. It teaches men that what seems strange and uncomfortable can become normal and welcome. It teaches men that what is uncomfortable or difficult to endure will ultimately benefit them, and make them stronger.

Pegging as an act is an expression of female dominance. Pegging as a practice is an expression of female supremacy. The benefits for women in training and conditioning, and the benefits for men in humility and submissiveness, only multiply with more pegging. Men need to learn either to enjoy pegging entirely, or at least to enjoy that they are being used to make a woman happier.

Proper Gentlemen
Training men to be good boys starts with reforming their minds, speech, and actions. The result is the civilizing, domestication, and advancement of the male sex, and the redefinition of the bounds of the male gender. The refinement of men into proper gentlemen requires the insistance of women, and the supervision of mandated improvements. This includes, but is not limited to, hygiene, dress, and practices mandated for regular training. Outward appearance doesn't make a boy good, but it does help teach. What matters most is that boys are trying to learn, or at least being made to accept training.

Better To Stay Locked In Chastity
Chastity and orgasm control use male sexuality for the benefit of women, and ultimately for the benefit of men. Retraining of men's minds and sexual desires can be advanced further by using their sexuality against them. Men in chastity will overtime develop an enjoyment of orgasm denial, and the constant arousal in their chastity cages, but still crave release and orgasm. Women can seriously augment this power by only unlocking men to have erections, in situations where they are fully prevented from touching themselves. Once spanking, pegging, or other means of control have been instituted, and have replaced desire to be unlocked as a man's primary factor in obedience, it is safe to train them not to want to be unlocked. This usually involves methods such as associated being unlocked with severe discipline, or only unlocking the cock for the purposes of torment, or over stimulation by edging and denial. Men willingly eager to remain locked in chastity, because the power of women is a greater motivator than their primal sexual desires, is a perfect reflection of the principles and goals of female supremacy.

Advanced Training
There's no such thing as too much training. Time spent training men is enjoyable time spent with someone a woman is close to, and can be as sexual or non-sexual as she desires. It is also a healthy way to reduce and relief stress, get valuable physical activity, make relationships stronger, and men more pliable. Training boys more, or more often, is always beneficial, as is using more advanced methods. Taking it to the next level only increases female power and male submission, which is always prefered, but remember always that more advanced methods require more knowledge and learning to practice safely. A little bit of reading and advice from experts can go a long way in increasing any woman's skill in boy training.

Total Power Exchange
Female supremacy is fully realized by total power exchange, female-led relationships. As with any level of male submission, men must give themselves over to this willingly. Training men using female domination techniques make it easy to advance male submission to greater and greater levels. With enough female persistance, and effective training, nearly any man can make the internal transition necessary to accept and embrace total submission to a woman's authority. Men can now be directly controlled, moulded, and reconditioned to a woman's ideal, and have as much or as little of his life controlled as she wishes, the ultimate expression of female supremacy in a relationship.

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