Female Superiority For Women

Progress Is Inevitable

Embracing Empowerment
Using Her Power For Good

Using Her Power For Good

All Boys Need More Training
Good, bad, alright, terrible, it doesn't matter. Every boy needs to be trained, retrained, and trained even more. If you want a great boy, training must never end. Boys need training to overcome the detriments of the male ego, the patriarchy, and male inadequacy. Left unchecked, the male ego always leads to excessive arrogance, selfishness, self-importance, and an undeserved sense of entitlement. Even with regular doses of humility, the male ego will always reinflate to harmful levels if treatment is not maintained. This ego problem is biological, but made so much worse by the patriarchy. Training is absolutely necessary to counter the malign and unhealthy messages that boys and men are exposed to throughout their lives in the patriarchy. Even boys raised by those with matriarchal values are constantly bombarded with harmful ideas and suggestions by friends, media, and society. Training and retraining can seriously mitigate the negative effects. It will also help a man approach adequacy. Few men on their own are the kind of relationship partners that a woman truly deserves. Women have always trained their partners in one way or another to make them acceptable, if they keep their expectations low enough that he can meet them. Women can have the kind of service, obedience, and devotion that they deserve, and keep their expectations high, if they only commit to training their boy. It's not hard, and it's much simpler and less stressful than dealing with the constant hassle of interacting with men while pretending to be equal. Training is fun, easy, effective, and satisfying thanks to the well developed science of female domination. Women have been perfecting the art of training a man's mind and body for decades, and thanks to their pioneering work, and modern tools and implements, this 'work' has never been easier or more advanced.

Use Your Powers
Women are superheroines. They were born that way. Every women has unique abilities, her own style, and the power to influence men. The patriarchy wants women to keep their powers hidden, refrain from using what they've got, and not to be proud of their superior nature. Women who dominate men are usually portrayed as unusual, hedonistic, and unfeeling. Men who accept their proper place under dominant women are usually portrayed as unmanly, pityable, and mentally unhealthy. Every kind of woman can release her superwoman, and it takes all kinds of male strength to serve a superwoman. Patriarchal culture and media attempts to lampoon, belittle, stereotype, and marginalize female domination practices and practioners because frightened men are well aware that widespread approval of femdom culture would destroy the patriarchy. Women aren't just superpowered, they are the heroines of the world. Only women can save us all from the evil of male supervillans, and the malign influence of the male ego, scourge of humankind. Empowered, liberated, dominant women are needed, and honest men everywhere are rightly begging for their help.

Male Cage Chastity
Female supremacy is all about maximizing women's power and happiness, and all about male betterment and sacrifice. When it comes to establishing the reality, implications, and benefits of female supremacy, male chastity cages are the key. No other device or practice so embodies the principles, methods, and goals of female supremacy, female domination, and female led relationships. The male member, a man's most distinguishing, unique, treasured, and sensitive part, is captured, suppressed, and controlled by a woman. Chastity cages are physical manifestations of female supremacy, but what is far more important are the psychological and interpersonal manifestations they represent and create. The benefits for men outweigh the hardships and frustration, and for women it is all benefits, which only multiply over time - female supremacy's primary principle and ideal.

Locking a boy into a chastity cage is a victory for women's empowerment. It is a victory for an individual woman and her relationship, and a victory for all women over the patriarchy. The act of locking a boy is an unique moment of female domination. The state of being a keyholder, and holding total control over a man's penis and orgasms, is to embody the most central principles of both female led relationships and female supremacy.

Cock cages are direct female power. They give women greater confidence, security, and control in their relationships and lives. They give women the ability to easily train, influence, and refocus men. They give women the possibility of getting the kind of domestic, personal, and sexual service women deserve from men. They give women greater power and a recognized right to tease, tantilize, humble, and deny their men for practical purposes and pure enjoyment. The provide women with the possibility of a relationship, a sexlife, and a male partner's attitude, that has moved beyond the penis.

Testicles Are A Weakness
Balls are the source of hormones responsible for many of men's shortcomings, and are symbolic of supposedly virtuous masculine behaviors and attitudes which should be discouraged rather than encouraged. It is emblematic of the inferiority of men that their most unique masculine feature is their most sensitive and vulnerable part of their bodies. The cock and balls are the weak spot, physically and psychologically. Getting a man by the balls is a useful and impactful way to teach men that they are vulnerable and at the mercy of women, and it's a good idea to keep women happy. For women to enjoy the fun of some cock and ball torment, and men to endure it for them, well represents the concepts and aspirations of female supremacy. What better way to celebrate and advance the principles of female supremacy than to be a bit of a pain in the balls?

Spanking & Discipline
Female supremacy means that women should have a measure of rights above men, in matters where male deficiency is detrimental to women's happiness and society at large. Men need discipline and a firm hand to help them overcome these deficiencies, and women have the power over men necessary to get men to accept and endure the disciplining they are lacking. It is rightfully empowering for women to have full authority over discipline and it's means, and of course, spanking men is lots of fun, but the real value of spanking is the benefits, for women and for men. Women will receive increased attentiveness, obedience, and eagerness to please, as they deserve. Men receive increased endurance, focus, and humility, and most importantly, become better relationship partners. Preemptive, recreational, and disciplinary spankings are essential components of female dominated relationships and female supremacy dynamics, for obvious philosophical and practical reasons.

Erotic Pleasure
Women belong on top, so naturally, men belong under them. Sitting on a man certainly helps him keep his place, and while he's down there, he may be allowed to show his gratitude. A woman shouldn't have to ask for oral pleasures of any kind, and a man should be eager to please a woman. Not all women crave lots of oral stimulation, or even favor it, but every women should get her full fill, meaning as much as she wants. On the whole, men are far more satisfying sexually for women when using their mouths rather than their cocks. Women deserve to have fully satisfying sexlives, and any worthwhile man is more than happy to devote himself to this noble cause.

Sexual Dominance
Women should be in complete control of their sexlives, no matter what kind. Whether she uses the penis or not, women should be in control of the when and how of sex. Of course, it's always better for women to stay on top, and using restraints and sexual positions that emphasize female dominance and control are great, but what matters isn't what sex a woman wants, what matters is she gets it. This even includes dominant women who are in full control, but desire activities and situations that might otherwise suggest male dominance. For women to know what they want, and have that, without having to compromise for a man's desires, is female supremacy, regardless of what it is that they prefer.

Pegging in female-male reationships is about gender equality, where both partners have the ability to penetrate and may also be penetrated. Female supremacy is furthered by pegging in several ways. Women are asserting their power and control in a way that violates patriarchal notions of masculinity, male privilege, and relationship roles. Men are being made to endure discomfort and adjust their comfort levels for the enjoyment and benefit of women. Women are using pegging to train, dominate, humilate, and control men. Women are taking men's traditional role and unique ability, and doing it bigger and better.

Men tend to have an understandable obsession with blow jobs, and studies show it is one of their primary sexual desires and fantasies. This is one obsession that women should encourage men to indulge in, while maintaining female superiority principles, of course. Women are now the ones enjoying the position of power, and men are the ones who have to suck it, and experience the humility. How fitting that one of men's greatest desires is once again used by women to humble, train, and dominate them. With the right dildo, or harness configuration, women can even enjoy physical stimulation from the act. Men should already be happy to use their mouth for women's enjoyment, and this is just one more way to orally please women, only with an additional measure of beneficial humiliation.

Women choosing to peg are empowered, dominant, and in control. The advancement of pegging in society reverses the roles and gender notions developed in the patriarchy, and errodes the absurd notion of masculine dominance. Pegging is therefore a socially responsible way to play, train, or make love.

Pegging embodies the values of female supremacy in a very direct and experiential way. Women benefit, while men endure discomfort, and are made to benefit. Women certainly benefit from a more submissive, obedient, and humble man, but the direct benefits are usually the main reason women love to peg. Pegging can certinaly be sexually stimulating for women, and used for making love, but pegging is enjoyable and useful for women in many non-sexual ways. Most women find that pegging men is lots of fun. Studies show that women who regularly peg their male partner are less stressed and more confident. Pegging is also a vigorous activity that can greatly benefit a woman's health and physique. Women can workout while spending quality time with their man, training him to better himself, and advancing the cause of female supremacy. Everybody wins, especially women.

Among the most valuable aspects of pegging is the effect it has on gender conceptions and psychology. It is emblematic of female supremacy, that a woman can easily attach to herself a penis that is larger and harder than his, which never gets soft or fails to perform. Women are taking over men's unique pride and function, and as usual, being better at it. Nothing embodies female supremacy in the realm of sexuality like the intersection of pegging and male chastity cages. Women have now taken men's one power away from men, and made it their own. The gender absurdities of the patriarchy are reversed and nullified. The effect on the psychology of men raised in the patriarchy is incredibly valuable. Modern sex lives utilizing cock exchange devastate the ego driven facade of masculinity defined by virility and penetrative dominance. Taking from men for the benefit of women and society is the means and the goal of practical female supremacy.

Women can choose a cock of any size, shape, style, and color, even cocks with special abilities, and can have more than one, but get to take them off whenever they want, and still get to have a vagina. Girl cocks are always erect, never let down, and can be purposely designed. Men are stuck with the cocks they were born with, which get soft, worn out, experience inadequacy and dysfunction, and are designed to shoot off as soon as possible then go to sleep. Women's are superior, naturally. Women can also utilize cocks which are designed for vaginal stimulation, allowing them to be directly sexually stimulated by the act of penetrating a man. Thanks to these kinds of dildo, as well as other stimulating sex toys, combined with male chastity and oral pleasures, many women are enjoying female-male relationships, with stimulating sexlives, completely free of the penis. Thier achievement represents the apex of female supremacy principles.

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