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Matriarchy, and hopefully the true gynarchy, is on the way. The full realization of the gynarchy may be a long way off, but everyone who becomes part of the solution rather than the problem is one step in the right direction. The sooner everyone embraces that inevitability, the better off everyone will be. Ultimately, female domination of the family, politics, business, school, and society will solve or improve so many of the social problems that plague the world. Teaching the value of a female led world to the boys and girls of the next generations are absolutely essential, since attitudes and expectations instilled at a young age form the basis of a persons' entire outlook. There will be many stages to the rise of the gynarchy, including developments in politics, economics, society, and culture. Many of these changes will occur naturally, but as women and men become more aware of the benefits, and become more gynarchy minded, these changes will come faster as society actively moves itself in the right direction. The beginning of the declared gynarchy will come when gynarchist parties have secured a clear mandate, female supremacy ideology is publicly acknowledged and promoted. The gynarchy will be declared with the passing of the spanking act and the marriage act. The right to spank men will give every woman a place above men and a new sense of entitlement and power. Spanking will need to be within legally defined limits, and the nature and severity of this right will vary based on relationship to the man being spanked, but generally speaking any woman who knows a given man in any capacity will have some ability to spank him if and when she feels it necessary or suitable. This will give all women a taste of the dominance they can enjoy in the new order, rapidly speeding up women's participation in bringing about total female supremacy. The marriage act will define the wife as the head of the household in female-male couples, and give the wife full power of authority over her husband. While exercise of the full extent of this power will be entirely up the each wife to choose, at any time she will have the legal right to overrule her husband, and will essentially own him in a legal sense for the duration of their union. The changes brought on by these first acts will make the gynarchy a reality and begin the transformation of society in a totally female dominated direction. The results will be a thing of beauty.

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