A Better World Through Superior Female Leadership
      Illustrated Guide to Personal and Social Progress by Female Domination

Humanity has come a long way, but there is always room for improvement.
Unfortunately, the forces of the patriarchy are still determined to resist the inevitable progress of human evolution.
Those who knowingly promote the patriarchy, as well as those who unknowingly serve it's interests,
keep humanity languishing in pollution, economic inequality, crime, corruption, and backward thinking.
Despite the positive trend in the 'feminization of society' over the last 100 years, there is sadly still so far to go.

Never fear! Women have the ability and power to save us all, they only need the will to do it.
Women everywhere are recognizing and embracing their superior nature,
in numbers never before seen in the history of the world.
Encouragingly, greater numbers of men are also coming to grips with reality.
The social trend may be inevitable, but awakened women are no longer interested in waiting.
Enlightened female leadership of every aspect of society will mark the beginning of a new age of humankind.

Female leadership in society begins and ends with female leadership at work, at home, in families, and in relationships.
The more women and men in female led relationships, the faster and greater the progress.
The principles, methods, tools, and practices of female domination which women use to train men in FLRs
are as capable of wide scale social progress as they are in creating fulfilling and happy relationships.
Female domination not only changes the world one man at a time,
it can also be beneficially applied to every aspect of life and society.

True female empowerment begins with four principles of female supremacy:
1 - Female leadership of every aspect of life is proper, beneficial, necessary, superior to male leadership, and the natural consequence of evolutionary progress.
2 - Women should not seek to be equal to men, emulate men, appease the male ego, or perpetuate the patriarchy by seeking male approval.
3 - Female authority dervies from humanity's more advanced qualities, and is not limited by the primitive qualities and motivations of patriarchal authority.
4 - A female led society cannot be limited by the values of the patriarchy, and female derived culture need not embrace any of the values, practices, principles, or standards of patriarchal culture.

Female led world joy can be achieved by applying the two essential precepts of female dominated relationships to society:
1 - Control of Men's Penises = Control of Men's Minds = Control of Men
2 - Frustration + Stimulation = Submission & Service

This website discusses human bodies and human sexual practices, and contains images of human beings, with and without clothes on. If that offends your sensibilities in any way, do not continue.
The ideas presented here presuppose that the reader isn't ashamed of the human body, human nature, or the wide range of human orientations, identities, and sexual proclivities.
The intent of this guide is not to offend, but to inform and entertain the open minded.
You can explore the sections yourself, or even better, take it one step at a time and read them all through in order. There are so many ideas to consider...

Female Superiority Rising

Female Power Awakening

Female Superiority For Women

Embracing Empowerment
Using Her Power For Good

Female Superiority For Men

Accepting Reality
Learning His Place

Female Superiority In The Patriarchy

Viva La Revolution
Taking Down the Patriarchy

Gynarchy Futurism

Gynarchy Dawning
Fashion in the Gynarchy
Gender Roles in the Gynarchy
Politics and Law in the Gynarchy
Family in the Gynarchy
Boys in the Gynarchy
Growing Up in the Gynarchy
High School in the Gynarchy
Young Adults in the Gynarchy
College in the Gynarchy
Relationships in the Gynarchy
Marriage in the Gynarchy
Occupations in the Gynarchy
State Service in the Gynarchy
Life in the Gynarchy
Home Life in the Gynarchy
Public Life in the Gynarchy
Society in the Gynarchy
Culture in the Gynarchy
The World of Gynarchy

Female Led Relationships