Female Superiority In The Patriarchy

Progress Is Inevitable

Viva La Revolution
Taking Down the Patriarchy

Viva La Revolution

As the patriarchy dies its slow death, but before the arrival of the gynarchy, female supremacy is found everywhere, but is mostly private, low-key, or subtly displayed. Female supremacy is, however, practiced in female led relationships, among like-minded individuals, in female led societies, femdom clubs, and widely among people who don't label it as such. As more women realize they can have it all in relationships, female led relationships become more and more common. As women achieve economic success and even dominance, female heads of household are becoming a fact of life. As more women are realizing their own potential, and the collective potential of women, they are beginning to insist on the social, political, and personal influence that women deserve. Every day, more are more men are being introduced to the many benefits of total female supremacy. Female dominance can mean a man simply submits to a woman. Female supremacy means that a man submits to all women. That does not mean that a man should obey every woman as he obeys his woman. It does mean that a man need recognize the superiority of all women, and should treat every woman with the same respect, deference, and humility he shows to his woman. The more men learn and embrace this philosophy, the more it will become part of the culture, and the matriarchy will finally be within our grasp.

Male Opinions
As women everywhere feel free and empowered to speak their opinion, more and more realize that they don't need to care about any man's opinion. Men begin to learn that they have no place offering their opinions to women unless they are asked to. The patriarchy teaches men that it is right as a man that women should listen to what they have to say, when this is in reality totally backwards. On the contrary, it is men who have a great deal more to learn from women, and would do everyone a favor if they started keeping their mouth shut more often and actually listen to what women have to say.

Working Toward Gynarchy
Women's progress depends on political feminism and radical feminism working towards the same goals of justice for women, and women's empowerment. Political feminism is alive and well, and making some good progress in the early 21st century, but society is not nearly where it should be at this point. This is not only due to the concerted efforts of traditionalist elements of the patriarchy, but also to the compromises that feminist voices have had to make to be given talking space in patriarchal media and politics. Assertive feminism was considered dangerous from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1960s, only because the social situation was so extremely backward. Feminism made it's most significant progress when it was threatening. During the counter-reaction in the decades that followed, messages of female liberation and empowerment were tempered by sensitivity to men's supposed natural rights, and began to focus on pushing equality notions meant to be palatable to both the male audience, and to women steeped in the philosophies and cultures of the patriarchy. Female superiority feminism rejects any notion that equality with men is somehow desireable, as forcing women to maintain equality with men is holding women back. Women's natural potential to lead and dominate in real life should not be compromised for the sake of men's egos, or some abstract concept of egalitarianism. Women should abandon attempts to placate men socially and politically, as this leads to women workers and leaders playing a man's game, and end up emulating the values of the patriarchy in order to succeed. Women should instead forge ahead with a truly female approach to society and politics, that takes into account women's values, priorities in life, and social attitudes. Progress in political feminism is vital, but less significant to culture than progress in radical feminism. Social progress in feminism, as well as in female supremacy, comes from individuals, relationships, families, social groups, businesses, events, and organizations. Here is where individual women have the most power and influence, and the greatest ability to shape the direction in which culture is trending. The female led future depends on a combination of progress in both aspects of feminism, and the speed at which progress occurs depends primarily on how much women decide that it matters to them. Women united and committed to a goal are unstoppable.

Female Led Dating
Modern, empowered women are increasingly expecting and insisting on the kind of relationship they deserve, one focused on their happiness. Some women and men are integrating the values of female domination into established relationships, often due to male enthusiasm. Women who recognize female led and female dominated relationships as prefereable are changing the nature of dating. Making sure men have appropriate attitudes towards women, and female authority, right from the start, is obviously vital. Making clear from the start that female domination of certain aspects of the relationship will be insisted on helps to reduce men's resistance to being moulded into more ideal partners. The more women insist on the kind of authority they deserve, the more men expect it, and are prepared to accept it. Those that aren't, make far less desireable partners for an awakened woman.

Female Led Chastity
The development and refinement of a workable, liveable male chastity cage is one of the most socially significant advancements of modern times. The significance of this achievement is very well understood by any woman who already holds the key to a locked up cock. More and more, women are coming to realize that chastity cages are an absolutely essential compontent of a healthy and happy female led relationship. Chastity cages address most aspects of male privilege, and end the need for hand holding and gentle coaxing to slowly try and adjust a man's thinking and behavior. The potential of this power in society, when applied on a wide scale, can change every aspect of the world for the better. Frightened defenders of the patriarchy realize that male chastity cages alone can bring down their entire power structure, and desperately try to portray them as weird, unhealthy, and undesireable. Their hope is that if women do not learn about chastity cages, realize that they are an option for them, and that they are normal, safe, and very desireable. The solution to this is simple: women should learn about male chastity cages, insist on them, and use them to improve their relationships. Women on the forefront of social progress are locking as many men as possible in chastity cages, both to be the keyholder themselves, and to pass on the key to a man's next partner. Getting every man possible locked in a chastity cage is among the most important ways women can speed up the collapse of the patriarchy.

Getting Men Locked
Locking men is the same as getting them to do anything they might not prefer or wish to do, they have to care more about being with a woman and making her happy than they do about not doing that thing. Women who want to have a modern, fulfilling relationship with their own personal chastity boy, need to consider suitable candidates, use an appropriate strategy, and always remain firm about the subject. Honesty about preferences and requirements is of course the best approach, but sometimes figuring out how best to 'sell' the idea to a man is far more successful. It's important for women to remember that a man must already adore and desire her, or he's probably not going to agree. It's also important to remember that men's sexual desires make them relatively easy to manipulate, and that the vast majority of men are openly or privately excited about sexy games, and the idea of experimenting sexually with female dominance. The most effective strategy in getting a good chastity boy is for a woman to find a good man, who clearly thinks she is above him, use her natural powers as a woman to lock him, then use chastity control over time to turn him into a great man. Insisting on a chastity cage sets the right expectations for every aspect of the relationship, and virtually assures that a man is capable of learning about and accepting female superiority.

Lock Before Dating
Women who don't want to mess around about chastity will usually prefer to make it simple - no cage, no date. This has several advantages. It removes the need to wonder if he'll make a good candidate, figure out how to convince him, and have to deal with him trying to back out of it. Men are choosing it directly in order to be with a women, instead of choosing to be with a woman and having to decide to deal with it or not. It allows men to learn a bit about what it will entail, figure out how to get an appropriate sized device on their own, and experience some of the discomforts up front. It makes clear right from the start that aspects of the relationship will be different than they would usually expect, and that female domination will be involved. It weeds out losers, cheaters, cowards, and flakes. If a man is too afraid of a little cock cage to agree, he's probably wouldn't make a very good partner. It makes the relationship sexual right from the start, while instantly giving a woman full control over when, how, and if sexual activity of any kind will take place.

Don't Ask
Ultimately, men have to consent to chastity, but that doesn't mean that consent can't be after the fact. Men beginning a new relationship, as well as men already in one, can be easily convinced to have some sexy fun if they think it will come right off after. It's even easier to convince a man to let a woman tie him up and have her way with him. Men's sexual desires make them so easy to manipulate, which is exactly why a chastity cage is perfect for every last one of them. Once they're locked, a woman's chances of manufacturing consent are greatly increased. If a woman knows the right things about a man, getting him to choose being locked can be as easy as making him an offer he can't refuse. These aren't always viable options, as always, a woman must identify a man with a suitable disposition, who she has some manner of influence over. Men aren't going to change themselves, women have to make them, but some are so steeped in selfishness, patriarchy, or privilege that trying to spring a lock on them isn't going to take. Women have found that it's best, and safest, to lock the one's they love, and who love them.

Exploiting Male Curiosity
Some enlightened, or simply horny, men are very interested in chastity cages, and the idea of being locked up by a woman. Men who already own cock cages are epecially easy to lock, for obvious reasons. The majority of these men find being in chastity sexy, but the majority of them will be terrified of the reality of losing control of the key. That's where female strength and determination win out over male frailty. He asked for it, he's got it, and now so does she. An even greater number of men don't own chastity cages, but find the idea of them arousing. These men are also very lockable, but women find that most of them also become terrified of the loss of control, and unlike those who own their own cages, find the initial discomforts very offputting. Fortunately, women are holding the key, and since these men already associate chastity 'play' with arousal, it's simply a matter of convincing them to stick it out long enough to get used to it, and start enjoying it. Of course, there's no better man than those interested in the idea, who willingly volunteer to try it, and accept their proper locked state.

Game Over
No matter how a woman gets a man locked, once the mission is accomplished, female dominance has been established. Getting men any loving man to accept this requires patience and dedication. Getting reluctant men to accept this requires a secure device with an internal lock, and the use of restraints before unlocking. It may take some time, or not, but a locked man who has accepted his situation, is now under female jurisdiction.

Chastity control means that releases are totally under control of the keyholder. It's essential. True chastity means that once a man has accepted chastity control, he belongs there permanently. When it comes off, if it comes off, it goes back on after whatever a woman has in mind. Chastity also means a steadily increasing desire to please, satisfy, and obey. This easily translates into service, training, or really anything a woman chooses to use it for. A man, and his penis, are now in their proper place, under the control of a woman, where they belong.

Among the most significant benefits to chastity control is the incredible power of denial. Frustration, desperation, and endless arousal are among the most powerful tools a woman can use to improve and control men. The ability to put that energy to good use is why chastity cages, women's empowerment, and female led relationships work together so beautifully.

Life In Chastity
More and more, men and women are enjoying happy lives in female led relationships with male chastity cages. Modern women are enjoying the service, attention, obedience, and devotion they deserve. Modern men are enjoying a sexually charged life, with a satisfied partner, that enables them to better themselves and grow as a person. Men have come to accept not only chastity, but to openly face and acknowledge the power that female sexuality has over them. Women have come to realize how much better a relationship can be with their own personal chastity boy, and that they shouldn't have to settle for less.

For women, male chastity can be the cornerstone of a modern sexlife that is truly gynocentric. Women deserve no less, and chastity cages seal the deal. For men, chastity makes every minute of every day part of their sexlife, filled with equal measures of arousal and denial. The idea of having an orgasm becomes slightly disappointing, but is yearned after like a prize they can see but not reach. The power this gives women over men usually results in women using male orgasms as a carrot, or a goalpost, and to think of them as a relationship tool rather than something that is involved in their sexlife. Men who have been locked in chastity for any significant period of time should be well aware that their sexlives are under their woman's control. That women largely choose to use this to their advantage should be looked on by men as a positive for their woman and their relationship, not a punishment.

Modern women have found that chastity cages and strict denial have so much to offer. With enough time and denial, men locked in chastity cages can be trained and moulded into truly good boys, fully dedicated to the happiness and pleasure of an empowered woman. This growing population of eager, submissive, and desperately horny boys are a shining example of the potential of the male sex to improve, and proof that men are capable of making positive progress despite themselves.

Modern men are finding that life in chastity is well worth any potential drawbacks. Men are learning to love and appreciate chastity itself, female dominance, and most of all, the woman who holds their key. Learning to accept and embrace it is certainly an acquired taste, but one most men will learn to enjoy. Those that don't, but still thank the women they love for keeping them locked, are no less learning to embrace and advance female dominance.

Female Led Dress
Panties are being weaponized to take down the patriarchy! How fitting that a garment which developed under patriarchal notions of femininity is being used to subvert the gender constructs of the patriarchy. Requiring men to wear panties is a powerful way to silently subvert the patriarchy without incurring the backlash from patriarchal culture. Each man wearing his uniform of submission to female authority under his clothes is learning to move beyond antiquated notions of gender, and to remember his true place no matter what he is doing. Whether they are 'women's' panties, or 'men's' panties, a large and growing number of men you meet any day are already wearing them, a trend that is certain to continue.

In public men may wear their uniforms undercover, but in private, modern women are using the power of clothing to maximum effect. The result is an atmosphere that is conducive to the goals and efforts of progresive, female supremacy values. Reinforcing the seperation of gender status through clothing in the home allows women to better enjoy an island of matriarchal bliss in a sea of patriarchal privilege, while simultaneously helping to maintain a humble and servile attitude in men. Women are enjoying the power, privilege, and fun of keeping a man dressed just for them.

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