Female Superiority In The Patriarchy

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Taking Down The Patriarchy

Taking Down The Patriarchy

Female Led Pegging
More and more, modern, empowered women are insisting on pegging their male partners. Women expect to enjoy the same privileges in a relationship that men do, which in this case means that men have to get used to being penetrated too. Most men raised in the patriarchy find the idea of being pegged uncomfortable and humiliating, not to mention a violation of their 'dignity' and male privilege. This is one of the many benefits of pegging men, but that does mean that most men are going to require some amount of convincing to agree. Fortunately, men are easy to manipulate, and thanks to female led relationships, and modern tools of female domination, such as the chastity cage, women have many options when it comes to getting men to submit to their desire to peg.

The vast majority of heterosexual men raised in the patriarchy are going to find the idea of sucking a cock, even an artificial one, extremely humiliating. Today's women are giving men healthy doses of the patriarchy's own medicine.

Every time a woman pegs a man, she is striking a blow for all women, and sticking it to the patriarchy. Women are finding that pegging offers so much more than fun, intimacy, and pleasure. Pegging is a genuinely empowering practice, that is very effective in increasing male submission, obedience, and humility. The social and personal power that pegging offers is one of many reasons women are making regular pegging a feature of their relationships, and not just in the bedroom.

Female Led Spanking
In the backwards world of the patriarchy, women do not yet have the unquestioned right to spank men. Until that changes, women need to get men's consent in order to spank. Of course, women have been spanking men of all ages, for a variety of purposes, throughout all of history. The reason for this is simple - spanking is effective, and keeps a man properly subordinate, as any woman who regularly spanks her man can tell you. Generally speaking, it's more difficult to introduce a man to regular discipline once a relationship is long established, though certainly far from impossible. Men can be eased into it, and women use chstity control, sexual intrigue, and other more basic forms of relationship leverage to get the ball rolling. Women who know that domination is important to them in a relationship seek out partners with a submissive disposition, making it far easier to introduce spanking and other practices. No matter how women establish their rightful privilege, once men accept spanking, the relationship dynamic is irrevocably changed for the better. Studies show the number of women regularly spanking their male partners has been steadily increasing over the last 30 years, and that the upward trend continues to increase.

Using Male Shame Against The Patriarchy
Teaching men to submit to female authority is extremely beneficial for women, for men, and for all of society. Women practicing and encouraging female domination are the warriors on the front line of the war against the patriarchy. Making men submit isn't about gadgets or hitting them, it is entirely about helping them to a place where they choose to submit. If they are eager to submit, no furthur pressure is necessary. For the rest of men, it's all about leverage. When women can apply this leverage through love and their relationship, introducing chastity or other female domination components, most men will eventually choose to take the easy way out, and wish to give up on them. Others can be convinced to try things out, but have no desire to commit to self improvement by integrating these fun practices into their 'regular' lives. This is where women are using the shame that men raised in the patriarchy feel about being 'emasculated' against them. Of course it isn't right, or legal, to extort money or property from men by using blackmail, and runs contrary to the concept of superior women to helping men improve themselves. However, women can and do hold potentially embarassing material over less eager men as method of solidifying female domination practices during development stages, and as long term guarantees of feality. If a man is embarassed about something that showcases what he really does or is like, that is his own ego-driven hangup, imparted to him by patriarchal culture. Using this pointless shame to help bring down patriarchal culture is most fitting. Once a man has adjusted his ego structure to a more healthy outlook, the leverage will no longer hold any power over him, and will also no longer be necessary.

With Friends
These days, women everywhere are enjoying female led relationships, and practicing female domination. In private, and between partners, these are beautiful expressions of the superiority of women. Of course, female supremacy isn't just about the superiority of any one women, but of all women collectively. There's no better way to experience, celebrate, and teach this value to men than by women sharing their submission with female friends. Women get to enjoy the empowerment and fun, while men learn greater humility and acceptance, helping them to internalize the principles of female superiority. Women sharing domination with their friends are helping to advance this a regular part of society.

Teaching Friends
One of the best things a woman can do for her female friends, and the men in their lives, is to teach them about female supremacy, and female domination. Showing the benefits and methods of male submission is great, teaching other women how they can enjoy these benefits themselves is even better.

Sharing With Friends
Many women who have empowered female friends will at times share the service of their men, a true expression of sisterhood and female supremacy. A well trained boy has many uses, and many women enjoy being able to share the benefits with those close to them. The extent and uses to which a man is shared obviously varies greatly for each woman and each circumstance, but the social value is always equally beneficial. Women will often loan out their boys to close friends for various reasons, but the most common way women share men is by sharing in their service or domination.

Female Led Life
Female domination isn't just a set of practices and activities, it can also be a way of life. Lifestyle domination has existed throughout the modern age, and in the 21st century it has become a large, but mostly private, subculture in western society. Female domination lifestyle relationships integrate the principles of female supremacy, and the practices of female domination, into every aspect of private life. Most people who live this life today have relationships that are just like any other couple, and are as normal as anyone else. The only difference is that they embrace the natural reality of female superiority, and choose to embrace the benefits, fun, fulfillment, and honesty of female domination.

Female Led Marriage
In the modern era, female leadership over marriages and families are becoming more and more common. Female led marriage is the natural conclusion of many female led relationships, including those practicing lifestyle domination. Most female dominated marriages are of one of two types. In 'reverse-1950s' style marriages, women work outside the home, and men are kept in a domestic capacity, and women hold final say over everything, including the lives of the men. More common are female led marriages where both partners work, or the man works, and the husband is subordinate to his wife at home and in their relationship. Men who have given an oath to love, honor, and obey their woman are exactly the kind of modern man that empowered women are looking for.

Pioneers Of The Female Led Future
Women practicing female dominated relationships, and those leading female supremacy households, are leading the way to the openly female dominated future. Female domination lifestyle relationships allow modern women and men to enjoy most of the benefits of matriarchal life, while still operate within the patriarchal societies they live in. All the while, they are establishing new norms and mores in society that help to change, develop, and progress culture to integrate the values of female superiority. The result of the eventual mass acceptance of these values would mean the birth of a true gynarchy. With enough empowered, dominant women working together, a better future awaits us all.

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