Female Superiority Rising

Progess Is Inevitable

Female Power Awakening

Female Power Awakening

The modern woman should already be keenly aware that women are, for the most part, the stronger sex - more emotionally balanced, stable, compassionate, sensible, and have greater physical endurance. Increasingly, women are tired of pretending not to be the dominant sex just to placate the egos of men. Female supremacy is about accepting and embracing reality, and living without the pretense of masculinity as defined by patriarchal societies.

Patriarchy Is History
The 20th century saw the beginning of true women's liberation, and marked the beginning of the end of the patriarchy. The 21st century will not only see the fall of the patriarchy, but also the rise of the matriarchy, as naturally superior women outclass men in every aspect of society. Matriarchy has existed through human history, but was rarely embraced by a society as a whole. The reality is that the patriarchy had to work throughout history to actively supress and minimize women and their roles in society to keep women from dominance. When women compete on an even playing field, the results favor women over men. Gender equality naturally leads to female dominance.

Business & Education
The rise of women in the workplace and in education is a sign of the natural advantage of uninhibited women, and the transition from patriarchy to matriarchy. Where the buck stops, the power is, and of course, knowledge is power. The collective power of women is growing with each passing year.

Female Leadership
Women aren't just succeding, they are leading, in every aspect of society. It's not a moment too soon - the world needs women's leadership now more than ever. Every aspect of life benefits greatly from female leadership, from economy, politics, and the environment, to businesses, organizations, and education, to relationships, homes, and families. Some women leaders have been unfortunately trying to compete in the patriarchal world of male leaders by being better at pushing patriarchal policies than men are. It is a testament to the raw ability of women to lead, but it's not the truly female leadership that we all need. As women continue to take on more and more leadership positions in all aspects of life, truly female ideas, policies, and direction will begin to rise to the forefront.

Divine Feminine Aspect
The feminine and masculine aspects in humanity are integral parts of the balance of aspects in nature and the cosmos. These aspects have for a very long time been unbalanced in human culture and society. The rise of women begins to return the feminine aspect to a position of balance with the masculine. The male aspect is already prominent and expressed. The female aspect will now be prominent and expressed in equal, and sometimes greater, measure. The return of the feminine in society, spirituality, and culture is exactly the healing medicine that humanity needs, and a greater harmony can be created.

The Superior Sex
On the whole, women are superior to men. Women are more capable to lead, better suited to wield power, and deserving of authority. Female dominance over men is an honest reflection of reality, a natural conclusion of gender equality, and benefits everyone. Men can't really stop women from taking over if women choose to, and more and more women are realizing this. These women still control, rule, and manage men as women always have, but without having to pretend they aren't in command. Women and men can either struggle against the inevitable, or embrace the value of female supremacy. The truth shall set you free.

Femdom Future
The natural superiority of women will lead to matriarchy, and the celebration of female supremacy values. Female domination of men, physical and mental, is both a cause and an effect of the rise of female supremacy. Female domination, is totally natural, and in most cases, more psychologically and biologically suited to our species. In general, men wish to be led and ruled, but act in society in a contrary fashion. They look for leaders and movements to follow because they aren't getting the discipline and control they crave from women. Female supremacy, and female domination, frees women from the oppression of male authority, and frees men from the burdens of leadership, while fulfilling men's deeply held desire to be surrounded by female love, power, and approval.

Female Led Relationships
Female led relationships are wonderful, even for those who don't embrace female supremacy. For those who do embrace female supremacy, they are essential. The benefits for both partners are clear, but in a larger sense, their benefits to society are perhaps even more valuable. Matriarchy and female supremacy are not established through politics and laws, or even through economic power. Female supremacy and female domination begins and ends at home. Fundamental changes in society are radical, meaning they come from the roots and feed upwards. They are not established from the top down. The patriarchy was kept in place by male dominance of relationships and home life, which translated into dominance in society and public life. The matriarchy will establish it's beneficial presence in the world in exactly the same way.

Men Can Be Trained
Every man, no matter how good, can be made better by female domination and training. It benefits women, it benefits men, and it benefits all of humanity. Female leadership in society and relationships does nothing to improve men without female domination. Even with women in charge, men will just go on ruining relationships, marriages, families, and societies, committing crimes, polluting the world, and teaching hate, anger, and violence. Not all of them, but enough of them. Gender roles in the patriarchy are largely geared towards reinforcing the concept of masculinity as it came to be defined in the most recent centuries. This largely encourages arrogant, rebellious, selfish, and superior attitudes among men, creating a most unnatural and unnecessary unbalance. A woman practicing female domination is helping to reverse this in society, and to undo the harmful ideas a man was exposed to, by removing his pretense of power and uniting him with the will of the feminine he so fundamentally desires to satisfy. Helping to make the world a better place for all is just one of the additional benefits of teaching men submission to women.

Victory Is At Hand
Victory in the struggle against the male ego is closer than ever. Women's empowerment, and enlightened female domination, can free the world, and our men, from it's destructive hold. Women united in female domination and female supremacy can dismantle the patriarchy, heal our societies and our planet, and drastically increase overall happiness and fulfillment. Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world. Victory isn't the end, it's just a new beginning. The male ego must be kept in constantly in check, or it regrows and becomes inflated to an unhealthy degree again. Men treated using female domination still need regular doses of their ego medicine, and of course, as boys grow into men, they are beset by the same affliction. The practice of female domination, and it's mass acceptance into popular culture, will begin to foster a new man, one who is ready and eager to live in a better world. Total female domination of men is the key to the kind of world that compassionate people have always dreamt was possible.

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