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Gender Roles in the Gynarchy
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In the gynarchy, female domination of men's personal and sexual lives will be omnipresent, institutionalized, culturally celebrated, and even enforced. Imagine a gender-reversed 1950's, with the sexual spirit of the late 1960's, the tolerance of all people arising in our present day, with the technology of the near future. Certainly women will occupy all political offices, positions of authority, and all managerial or executive jobs, and certainly, many women will prefer to keep their men at home, naked and in chastity, but men will still be free to choose their own lives. Those that end up there will end up there because they will choose it willingly, and usually gladly. However men can be just as bright, creative, insightful, and inventive as women, and humankind would not benefit from losing all those talents that men have to offer. Men can still learn and take a career in any field they choose, they will simply be barred from having authority over others. There is no reason any administrative position can't simply be filled by a competent woman instead. Men holding leadership positions is absolutely not necessary in any way, and serves only their vanity and petty competition for dominance over other men. If a man does not have a valuable contribution to make as an artist, designer, scientist, mechanic, engineer, or other intellectual occupation, there is no need for him to be involved in any job that could be filled by a woman instead. The world is just as it is today, only if the job is to be the boss of anyone, that job will only be held by a woman. Even with future advances in robotics and automation, there will still be plenty of jobs for men as laborers. In addition, instead of military service, men will be able to enter into service of society in the State Service run by prominent female-led societies. Male fashion will be indicative of their gender's role, because women will largely be controlling what their men wear, and more so as time goes on, but also because all the clothes for men will be designed and produced by companies run by women. Male nudity will be more common, and in some places openly public (in chastity of course!), and for the most part men wearing pants will be phased out over time. The widespread celebration and implementation of the spanking and pegging of men for it's functional, symbolic, and entertainment value will become a hallmark of the gynarchy and the female-lead revolution. The use of collars and leashes for men will be common, all the more so as the generations become immersed in gynarchy culture and practices. As women will have the general authority to overrule, control, and manage men, society wide attitudes and practices will shift accordingly. As women will have direct and specific authority over the men subordinate to them in different areas of their lives, management of smaller and more day to day aspects of a man's life will eventually become a natural part of life.

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