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Politics & Law in the Gynarchy

In the gynarchy, politics, leadership, law, and management will be the realm of women. While the support of enlightened men will be important to the transition to gynarchy, ultimately the ability of men to vote will be logically removed. Some laws will need to be enacted to ensure the total compliance of men to the new order. Absolutely essential to bringing about the gynarchy and all it's benefits are three laws: Barring men from voting and holding office, chastity belt enforcement for adult men, and the right to spank men. Removing the ability of men to vote, or hold office, is important for its symbolism, but also vital to removing the male ego from ruining the world through greed and violence. This will also make bringing about other important changes to law much easier. It would be irresponsible of women not to insist on universal male chastity. This will not only help reign in men who were raised in the declining years of the patriarchy, but will also be the essential carrot by which the man is kept in check in all aspects of society. This will lead to a massive decline in STDs, rape, infidelity, relationship problems, and macho male behavior. Additionally, sexual harassment of women by men, as well as speaking or showing disrespectful behavior towards women, will be forbidden and made legally punishable. On the other hand, sexual harassment of men by women will be legally protected, and generally encouraged in society. Additionally, the right of women to spank men, within legally described limits of safety and situation, will be fully protected. On the other hand, violence or physical force of any kind against a woman by a man will carry heavy punishments. While different places may have additional gynarchy based laws, these simple changes will be all that is necessary to bring about the positive social effects the gynarchy can bring. Little else will change, but crime, poverty, war, and many other social problems will be drastically reduced or even eliminated all together. It seems a very small price to pay for an end to so much human suffering. Men will still be totally free to make life choices for themselves, and to come and go, within the limits of their own lives. As in any society, there will be some people who don't agree with the principles of the culture, and imagine that things would be better without the gynarchy. Due to female supremacy education, and the great benefits the society imparts towards women, few women will feel strongly enough this way to undermine the gains of the gynarchy. Similarly, most men will realize the great virtue of female leadership, and will be increasingly raised to find it normal and preferable. Nonetheless, there will be male agitators and an undercurrent of 'male liberation' gender equality supporters. While any agitators will be given a stern response, peaceful male disagreement will be tolerated, albeit widely ridiculed in culture and public discourse. Due to the end of male suffrage, and the teaching of history showing the horrors of the patriarchy, these ideas will not be widespread or ever achieve any meaningful political traction.

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