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Family in the Gynarchy

The family is the cornerstone of society. In the patriarchy, girls and boys learned their social cues, attitudes towards gender, sexuality, and behaviors from the family and those around them growing up. In the matriarchy, things will be just the same, only they will be more properly aligned. Girls will learn that they are valuable, special, free to make choices, at the same time learning to expect respect, attention, love and devotion from males. Boys will learn that they are valuable, special, and cared for, at the same time learning to give respect, attention, love and devotion towards females. Boys will also learn great discipline, good behavior, and cultivate humility from an early age. Their father or other male figures in their lives, including brothers if they have them, will provide an example of obedience and service that young boys will seek to emulate. Mothers will gradually introduce spanking, conditioning boys to accept discipline and eventually maintenance spanking. Girls will learn from mothers, sisters, and other female figures about how to lead men with loving kindness and generosity, as well as with expectations, service, and discipline. Boys and girls will be raised with a far more natural attitude towards the human body once ridiculous patriarchal notions about clothing and nudity are swept away, particularly for the men of the world. Everyone will find it perfectly normal to see men around with little to no clothing, and it will seriously reduce stigmas later in life. Boys will be raised with the same clothing styles as girls, and will find it perfectly normal wearing skirts, dresses, and tights. While not all girls will choose pretty styles, or flowery elaborate outfits, for boys these will be more and more common, as mothers seek to teach boys to dress up lovely for the benefit of girls, maintain behavior by keeping their nice clothes in good condition, and to learn to focus on being courtly and elegant. Boys will be encouraged and praised for passive and pleasant behavior. Girls will be encouraged and praised for outgoing, responsible and confident behavior. While interests and hobbies will of course differ from child to child, and based on what a mother thinks is best, active life and healthy living will be heavily promoted. For girls this will mean learning to care for themselves and enjoy an active lifestyle. For boys this will mean reasonable but significant chores, but also athletics to occupy their fun time.

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