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Growing Up in the Gynarchy

Kids lives in the gynarchy will be much the same as in the patriarchy, with a few qualitative differences. For girls it will mean taking on more responsibility and learning about taking on greater leadership. It will also mean enjoying the great freedom and world of opportunities opened up for every girl in the gynarchy. For boys it will mean very little is different, however they will have grown up have learned social interaction from women and girls, looked up to women and girls as figures of authority, and spent little time when not alone without a woman or girl around to lead them. As children get older, this will continue naturally, and also be reinforced by arranged activities at school, in friends and activities, and in the home. Girls will learn to take a more active role in directly leading and ruling boys, and boys will learn to take a more active role in service and providing entertainment for girls. Boys having been introduced to regular and punishment spanking from an early age, will readily expect and continue to flourish under expanded spanking regiments. Girls will learn from mothers and other adult women in society about the value of this spanking, and how to implement it safely and effectively. While boys will begin to have limited activity with other boys outside of their family and family friends, activities for boys such as sports and clubs will reflect both the more refined interest of boys raised in the gynarchy culture, and an interest in keeping boys immersed in cultural and entertainment pursuits. When boys reach puberty, about the time of middle school, boys will be fitted with their legally required chastity belts. Belts for developing boys will allow for growth and the arrival of erections by allowing greater internal space without permitting stimulation of any kind. At some point, boys will be introduced to the pleasures of penile stimulation in clinical settings, allowing their new sexuality to emerge in a controlled and male ego-free setting. It is important for boys to discover how much they desire sexual pleasure and stimulation. This will allow their chastity belts to work their full magic, and bring the benefits to girls of living around boys eager to please them and earn their favor. By the time young ladies and men are preparing for high school and beyond, they will be mostly well-adjusted and well-rounded individuals, with their own styles and interests. Boys will be just as happy as today, or probably much happier, having learned a deferential, submissive, and sweet disposition towards their female classmates. They will be enjoying freedom from competition with other boys for social dominance, allowing them to focus on what they enjoy in life, what interests they want to pursue, and their new primary desire of impressing and pleasing girls. Girls that would not have been so assertive growing up in the patriarchy will be just as happy as today having learned to be dominant in regards to boys. For many girls, growing up in the gynarchy will mean reduced pressures about body image, impressing boys, or being a success to compete with men for jobs. Almost certainly, most girls will thrive and appreciate the value of the society, not to mention the world of opportunity that lies before them.

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