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High School in the Gynarchy

High school is the time that young women and men will begin to experience the fullness of what life will be like in adulthood in the gynarchy. Within school and without school, the different roles for girls and boys they have been learning all along will become all the more firmly established. As the young ladies are now reaching full adulthood, their responsibilities and expectations will increase, as will their freedom and independence. Now that the young men are fully realized sexually, their teachers, coaches, and administrators in public institutions, as well as their female classmates, will being to fully exploit this edge, introducing them to the fullness of female domination. For those men that are gay, their desire for the female will be far less exploitable, but during high school their sexual stimulation will nonetheless still be controlled and harnessed for the last stages of development before adulthood. Classes for women and for men will be largely the same as today, with a few modifications suitable for the gynarchy. High school girls will have a class that teaches spanking, proper methods as well as discipline and training theories. Girls and boys will also have a separated class that teaches health and sex education. It is here that schools will teach girls about pegging and how to do it safely, as this is something everyone should have knowledge about, but might not be something they will have learned about outside of school. The boys will eventually learn about prostate stimulation in their class as well, which for all men, particularly those in chastity, is an important tool for men's health. High schools will also provide clinical penile stimulation and climax for all boys, provided they are on good behavior according to their mother or female guardian. Younger boys may have had access to this in middle school, depending on the school, or otherwise have been taken to public male health centers for the same purpose, but for those who were not this will ensure a healthy and natural desire for ejaculation. Extracurricular activities will allow for more freedom of individual choice than at younger ages, but as a matter of culture and design, will largely emphasize female leadership and male performance. Girls sports in high school will include all the teams available today, with three exceptions. There will be a high school spanking and pegging team for inter-school competitions that celebrate skill and excellence in these essential boy-training arts. Girls will not have cheerleading however, as the role is demeaning. The athleticism, coordination, and fun that girls of today enjoy about the sport of cheerleading will be part of the girls school dance team. The role of school supportive cheering in cute little outfits will be filled by the boys cheerleaders, who will serve at school functions and be there to cheer for the girls at all their teams competitions. The school will not offer any official teams for boys to play competitive sports. While boys will be free to enjoy those sports outside of school, varsity sports for boys will continue to teach the emphasis on performance and elegance they have been taught all their lives. In addition to cheerleading, boys will have school teams for performance dance (similar to the girls team), gymnastics, and ballet. While all these differences are certainly significant, much of high school life will be no different than today, girls and boys will learn in school, engage in clubs, interests, and sports outside of school, have their own friends, and have family lives and responsibilities.

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