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Young Adults in the Gynarchy
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Adulthood is a time of greater freedom, individuality, and responsibility, where girls and boys begin to explore the fullness of life's experience. For most young ladies, this will mean the blossoming of a fully realized woman - confident, authoritative, knowledgeable, empowered and free. For young boys, this will mean the culmination and refinement of the education, conditioning, manipulation, and training they have been receiving their entire lives at home, at school, and in society. This is also the time when sexuality becomes a central part of life for young people. Certainly girls and boys may date and have relationships at younger ages, but for most young adults, high school is the time when sexual activities become a part of their dating life. While boys will be receiving some ejaculations in a clinical setting, mandatory universal chastity until graduation means that young men will have to wait until they have a chance to loose their PIV virginity. For girls, the experience will differ greatly from person to person, depending on family and cultural values, their own life choices, and external influences. Just because all their schoolmate boys are in chastity does not mean girls will necessarily have to wait until after high school to have PIV sex unless they choose to. They may live in a permissive family, community, or culture, and may have been allowed access to the husband or boyfriend of someone they know. Many young ladies will have been taken by a mother or relative to a female-led society, or even the FSU, to utilize one of the men serving there for the purpose of exploring sex in a controlled, clean, healthy, and safe setting, perhaps even with some kind of regularity. Even if this is frowned upon by their family values or their society, with all the connections to different women of all ages that any young lady will have, it would be difficult to keep a determined young woman from getting access to a man to have her way in this area. Nevertheless, it is likely that many girls will also not go this route, and will be content with waiting until college age for PIV, satisfied with the range of sexual exploration they can enjoy without it. No matter what the experience and attitude of a young lady, she can still engage in sexual activity in the context of emotionally meaningful relationships with boys of her age range. This will greatly involve kissing, body exploration, receiving oral stimulation, and pegging, which are safe, pregnancy-free, and pleasurable, as well as encourage male patience and submission, along with female pleasure and dominance. Adulthood is also where a young lady can finally utilize a lifetime of education and practice in spanking, dominance, and male management to full use. A young woman's boyfriends, brothers, male friends, and fathers must recognize them as adult women, and thus obey, defer to, and serve them as they would any adult woman. Mothers and daughters begin to interact, rule, and share experiences as fellow dominant ladies. Most daughters will by this age join in some way with their mothers in ruling and disciplining their fathers, and many mothers will do the same with their daughter's relationships. When high school graduation comes, a boy's chastity belt key is finally up for grabs, as long as he isn't the one grabbing it. While chastity keys are a highly regulated and controlled item, a young man's life choices will for the most part give him the ability to influence what woman (or for gay men, what man), will be his keyholder. It is here that the last piece of the puzzle in terms of adulthood in the gynarchy is put in place, and young women and men go forth into the lives they choose for themselves.

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