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Relationships in the Gynarchy
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Relationships in the gynarchy will come in all shapes, just as today. There will be a variety of heterosexual relationships, depending on the personalities involved, but generally speaking most could be described as 'female lead', 'female dominated', or 'totally female controlled'. While homosexual couples of both sexes will experience little difference in the range of relationships they would find in the present day, heterosexual couples will be experiencing a total transformation and reversal of normalcy from back in the dark ages of the patriarchy. In the early years of gynarchy there will still be many men seeking out women who exercise as little of their right to dominance as possible, and enough women out there who don't want to be dominant towards men, that certain patriarchal forms will still persist. After the first generation fully raised in the gynarchy, and even more so after the second, the majority of women will have been raised with the confidence, attitude, and expectation of male submissiveness that will empower them to fully actualize the spirit of the gynarchy. Similarly men raised by gynarchic institutions such as their school, government, workplace, and social groups, will still become immersed in proper female-led education, even if their mother still runs a backward boy-coddling home. This will mean that eventually it will be hard to find a woman to date that isn't at least moderately dominant towards men, and equally hard to find a man to date that isn't looking for female leadership from his partner. Each gender will have been raised to expect and feel comfortable in those roles, and this will mean more often than not, will enjoy the completeness and deep satisfaction that female dominated relationships bring. Sure, there will always be some women who prefer the sub-culture of some male authority in private, and this is of course their preference and choice. An even greater percentage will probably have tried some role playing, or role reversal to change things up or for fun from time to time, but this kind of thing is always a word away from being back under female control. It is a world where the woman is free to be herself, to dress in as much or as little as she wishes, in any style, to love her interests and share them or keep them to herself as she wishes, and to expect and demand that a relationship is all about impressing, pleasing, and obeying her, no matter what her life preferences. Men have the right to choose as well, but their choices are different. Not getting into a relationship means very little chance of any kind of regular release from their chastity. Finding a partner that is right for them is still very much part of a man's life, although the constancy of chastity will certainly make most men far less picky, and far more accommodating than they are today. While breaking up with a man that isn't working out, or isn't a good long-term fit is a piece of cake for a woman, relationships are a bit more of a commitment for a man. A man can date a woman just as simply as today, even get sexual with his mouth, ass, and hands, but to get his chastity key into the hands of a woman, she has to agree to become his keyholder, referred to as his 'mistress' or his 'girlfriend'. Both terms have the same meaning in a legal and societal sense. This means she had to arrange to get his key from his mother, female-guardian, the Department of Men, his current boss, or his previous girlfriend. When a break-up occurs, the key either returns to the previous holder, or the ex-girlfriend can simply retain it. This means breaking up with a girl that doesn't want to break up isn't always a simple proposition. While a boy can certainly get a legal injunction to have his key returned to the Department of Men, or his boss, or his mother/female-guardian, this requires a bit of effort. This should seriously improve the seriousness with which men enter into relationships, and help to improve their behavior during a relationship, and if it comes to it, at the end of one. There is also the possibility that if a now ex-girlfriend and/or witnesses testify regarding the man's behavior that lead to the break-up, a judge might not even allow the key to be returned. There are also legal provisions which allow the transfer of keys to other women entirely at the keyholder's consent. These are primarily used for situations where a woman is travelling for work or other reasons, and wishes to assign another temporary authority. Due to this, a woman can sign over a key legally to another woman and break up with a man, leaving him to choose between convincing her to return it somewhere else, allow him to have releases, or wait the four to six month waiting period before a temporary keyholding permit expires. This is another freedom of choice that is a man's right, he gets to choose which ever of those three options he wishes!

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