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Women in the gynarchy will be able to do any job they wish, and take any position they can merit. With all administrative, political, managerial, and official work now allotted entirely to women, there will be more than enough room for women to get a steady career and succeed. Art and technical work at a non-administrative level will have both men and women, in art, music, science, technology, medicine, and engineering, but every boss at any level of authority will be a woman. Any women who truly wish to do labor work, which is normally staffed entirely by men, will of course be free to do any job they wish. Even as a construction worker alongside men, no woman will be working under a man. Men will be able to work in any field they wish, although they will be barred from management work of any kind. Men can still own their own businesses or be independent. Male businesses will be assigned an officer from the local Department of Labor to keep track of general activities, legal and health compliance, and to make certain the company is socially responsible. Independent working men who are not incorporated as a business will be assigned similar oversight from the Department of Men. While many men will choose employment as unskilled labor, or be degree holding skilled workers, other men will choose the enter the state service through a female-led society, which is explored in the next section. As the economy streamlines under they gynarchy, and necessities become affordable and supply stable, there will be less need for male workers in the private sector in general. As automation, robotics, and technological advancement go forward, there will be even less need for male workers in the private sector. Eventually, it may come that the vast majority of men are either househusbands or male members of female-led societies. All of this will mean less work and time spent devoted to economy for both women and men, and more time spent, living, enjoying, having fun, and improving private property. All it will take is compassion driving innovation and economy, the devoted efforts of men, and the leadership of women.

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